2.2.4 Device Firmware Updater App not showing Z-wave Updater

I just upgraded to 2.2.4 and installed the Firmware Updater App. I can see the Firmware file manager but don't have the option for 'Update Z-Wave Firmware', as depicted here.

Do you have to upload the firmware first before getting the update button? I am assuming you did add a firmware file?

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Are you using Google Chrome Canary?

I ran into that same scenario with a build of Google Canary, however it works just fine using a regular Google Chrome I had or Microsoft Edge (shudder).

Bryan was going to be looking into the problem to try to find what might cause the difference.

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Yes there is something wrong with Google Canary, Works with EDGE/Chromium.


Are you on a C7?

No, still on C5. Waiting for the Migration service to be launched to port over to my C7 (too many devices to manually do it).


I was actually using Safari, but I just tested on Chrome on OS X and also on Edge as well as Chrome on Win 10 (running in Parallels) ; same behavior all across.

What version of 2.2.4 are you on?

If you're on, revert back to, the .142 release "has issues" and HE is going to release a replacement for that update today.

If you're on, try removing and re-adding the app.

From the 2.2.4 Device Firmware Updater release notes:

Due to limitations in the old Z-Wave stack this feature is currently C7 only.


Doh (on my part) thanks

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