[] How did the wrong thing happen in an action? [C7]

I had a rule that fired, Should have set the "Master Bedroom Lamp" to 100%--instead, it said it turned it either off or to 1%.

More details would be helpful. Like what is that device? What driver are you using, etc. it might not be an RM issue (is this RM, you didn’t say?) it could be anything in the chain especially if you’re saying that’s the only device in the list that behaved improperly.

It's a GE/Jasco Dimmer plug. Not sure how that matters so much.

The log shows that the "Dim to 100% (fade over 15 sec)" command was sent to this device.

Followed by the device reporting being off and a 1% brightness.

With nothing else happening. That simply isn't a correct result.

The next time I executed the same action (held the button again), it turned the light on.

It matters, you’re assuming it’s a bug in RM. I’m saying it could be a bug in whatever driver you’re using which I don’t think you’ve supplied. Are you using the built in driver or a custom one?

I'm thinking something possibly happened with the Z-Wave command?

It seems to be an example of a messed up command?

It is using the built-in "Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer" driver.