I just noticed there is an update to firmware available for me -

My question is about the newly available drivers, specifically:

  • Leaksmart Zigbee Moisture Sensor
  • Inovelli Z-Wave 2-Channel Plug (NZW37)

I have been using these devices for some time, but with community-created drivers. Do I need to make a switch? Any other impacts?

If it isn't broke....

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Hmm. This is a do I or don't I question.
Is your system running OK at the moment?
Is there anything else you need from the update?

If the answer to is yes then no, then there is probably no advantage in updating.

It would be nice to know I suppose what these in-built devices give you over the custom ones.

If you are happy with the driver you are using... There is no reason to switch ..

Just because they put a driver in-box doesn't mean you have to use it.

I still use many user drivers for devices that have an in-box driver, as the in-box drivers often leave out device specific features or simply don't work the way I prefer.

And that's ok!