[ - and earlier?] Motion Lighting not working - thinks light was turned off manually

I have a simple motion lighting app automation that isn't working. Automation is using motion zone.

Motion lighting settings:

Logs when the motion zone becomes active:

The lights were off (turned off via Google Home command some time previous), but were not physically touched anytime near or during the run-time of a test I just tried now (9:07-9:00 AM).

Not sure why the automation thinks the lights were turned off manually, the last time the light events show a manual push was yesterday. I have not used the light switch this AM at all. The same automation (originally set to run between 6AM and 8:30 AM also failed to run this morning when I came into the room a little after 7AM.

So seems like every time the automation runs it thinks that the lights were just turned off manually.

The light is a new Z-Wave Plus Honeywell switch.

This is a new automation so can't be 100% sure that this wasn't a problem on previous 2.2.4 releases.

Since 153 is released now, seems like the 153 feedback should go in the general forums in case others are seeing the same issue, so they can chime in/get a head's up on what to look for.

Just my $0.02.

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Good point...force of habit putting it here. :slight_smile: I'll move it to the main apps category.

More testing...I removed what from the logs appeared to be the offending setting (Don't turn on if turned off manually," but the automation still failed w/the same error. Something was borked.

Automation, w/the "Don't turn on if turned off manually" setting disabled.

Logs when I initiate motion show the same error as when the "...turned off manually" setting was enabled:

2020-12-02 13_49_53-Logs

I uninstalled the motion lighting app and reinstalled it, and now it is working as expected again, not thinking the light was turned off manually when it wasn't.

Oops...I did get it to fail again. Root cause appears to be Google Voice command to turn off is being interpreted as a physical button press off by the Motion Lighting app (but it's not showing up as a physical press in logs).

I turned off the light via Google Home voice command (using GH Community integration) and when I ran the automation again the light did not turn on, and I got the same log messages as before, saying that the switch had been turned off manually.

THere have been no manual operations of the switch. The device logs don't have any manual button press events during that time.

I turned the lights on and off a couple times from their device page. Tried the automation again and got the same message in the logs about manual off:

I removed the "Don't turn on if turned off manually" setting, saved the automation, and ran it again. Same result. Even when I edited the automation to change the time period, the switch cannot be turned on by the automation any more.


If I create a new motion lighting app the automation works again. So it seems like the light state (being identified in erorr as having been turned off via switch) gets stuck in the original app, but the newer app isn't "confused."

FYI, @bobbyD.

There's a known bug wrt having both options "Don't turn on if turned off manually" and "Don't turn off if already on" selected. The two are mutually exclusive, and only one can be used in one instance of the app. You discovered what happens, the app gets into a state where it can't be activated.

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That wording is awkward. It means turned off other than by the app.

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Thanks for the clarifications, helps a lot.

It didn't seem to matter if I turned the light off from its device page. I was doing that in between tests while I waited for the motion sensor to return to inactive, and doing that did not seem to affect the automation running normally. I'll check that again, just to be sure.

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