- RM Backups - Where do they go?


thought I'd try the new backup in RM, but I must miss something important.

I select a few rules, leave the selector drop-down, give a filename, the Download button appears which I click. Then what? Where are the file/files saved? No indication of when it's saved? I get exactly nothing. No file in HE file manager, nothing on my comp. I'd expect some dialog like when saving/downloading config backups?


Mine downloaded without a dialogue, to my default download location on my computer. In my case, that is the desktop.

Thanks for confirming it works... I have not had that yet, but still trying...

Found my problem. Browser blocked the download... So all good, thanks :slight_smile:

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I hadn't tried it until just now. The only reason I know to look at the desktop is that is the exact same thing that happens when I do a hub backup. No dialogue, the backup file just appears after a few seconds in my default download location.

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