2.1.7 GE Smart Fan Control not showing 100%

Thought I read in the release that the Set Level could be now set to 100%. Not showing it as functioning....and High is still mapped to 75%...which may be normal, not sure. (Could be user error though too..I did remove the driver and readd it to test).

Anything >66 is high on the ge fan controllers. So whether it shows 75, 85 or 99 really doesn't matter functionally.

So your saying a set level of 100 does not put the fan on high? Does it do anything?

It refuses to accept it in Set Level...just ignores it. 75% is mapped to high I believe.

Wait..I see what it is doing now.. if you put in 100% in maps it to 75% I guess that is the functionality.

Wonder why they just don't make 100% High though...Not sure if 25, 50 75 is intuitive from a slider standpoint to dumb end users (ie: me)

That's what I would have done.... :wink: But it is really just for optics, as the functionality is the same either way.

Z-Wave levels cap out at 99. I'm not sure if any of Hubitat's built-in drivers do anything to fake 100 behind the scenes (would be quite easy to just convert it to 99 as it gets sent off to the device), but fans are obviously an even more challenging issue.

So...what I'm saying is, have you tried 99 instead of 100, not that it matters much with what you've discovered above anyway. :slight_smile:

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