2.0 RM issue? (resolved)

Just upgraded to 2.0 and a few of my rules are messed up. This rule below should be FALSE but somehow its TRUE. Every single rule is returning TRUE.

And this one




Pick one, true or false, but not both :smiley:


Two Wrongs DO make a right!! :smiley:


Actual reading is 72 so it should be false. This one may self correct on the next report from the multisensor.


I'm gonna guess that going into the Rule and clicking Done will fix this, but if for any reason Support wants to test, I'm not going to click Done today.

In other words I can hold these test cases so no one else has to and can try the Done w.a.g.

Select conditions = false
Define rule = True

It should be false.

Hitting Done did not fix it. Actually hitting Done gave me this some of the time after some thinking spinning circle.

This bug has been found and fixed. Hot fix release coming soon.


is the hot fix version or should I wait?

No.. that's the initial 2.0 release. Keep waiting

Same boat....none of my conditional rules are working. Waiting impatiently. :wink:

Lighting candles :candle:

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@csteele @mike @drew @aaron @kilowatts

Hot fix has been released. Please update to


I am refreshing like a mad man but not seeing it.


Got it.. patient is key..

Update looks really good btw!


After the updated to I checked my rules and saw some were still showing the wrong T/F status. However, after manually opening and clicking 'Done' the incorrect ones updated correctly.

I had to do this also.

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These displays are not dynamic until something happens. The can be opened, or it can run. But otherwise, it's not an active thing that is going to change what is displayed on its own.

From a purely technical perspective I see what you're saying. However, opening my list of RM rules and seeing a quick summary of the T/F status of rules is a helpful way to identify issues. In this case, seeing a list of time-based rules that are clearly out of sync after an update is a confusing user experience. At the risk of oversimplifying, is it possible to have HE automatically do a one-time evaluation of each rule after doing an update? This would prevent me from either waiting a day or two for my system to re-sync or to manually open a bunch of rules to make sure they haven't broken. Thoughts?

Great work on the updates!

This could have disastrous results. Rules are evaluated in response to events of their conditions. If you force the evaluation of a rule without those events causing it, you could very easily have a rule be true and actions taken that should not be taken at that time. For example, a time based rule with between sunrise and sunset does certain actions at sunrise, but not later, even though the rule is true for the entire period. Forcing the evaluation would cause those sunrise actions to happen. That could be a big mistake, turning off things that should be on, and vice versa, arming HSM, who knows?

There is noting about updating the hub that in and of itself would mess with the t/f status of any rule.

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