1st unit - testing with just 1 device right now

I prepped this set up at my home/office and got a local IP. I then brought it to a customers home to finish. The device shows on the network when viewing the router client list but it wouldnt ping. After a reboot it came back online. So now to my current struggle. I am using a Yale YRD226 lock with the Zwave network module. I was able to search for and add the device. I set up the $29 yearly remote admin. I have added the client as a user as well.

Now I just want to be able to provide them a simple lock and unlock feature from the app when outside the home.

They have the MyQ app for their garage door right now and that works.

I am likely going to replace this HUB with a Control4 home automation system but I wanted to test out this platform.

I cfreated trigger events and rules as it showed in the one article I located in the help forums. But i cant get any further

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You don't need remote admin just to control the lock. Remote admin is only if you want to write rules, see logs, and other items like that. For you setting up or maintaining a client hub, it may be useful, but not necessary.

You want to add a dashboard, add this device to a dashboard, and then the phone app can control this device. This is the documentation to do so and a video that walks through the process.


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With a single z-wave secure device and no repeaters mentioned, you should consider making sure the hub is as near to the doorlock as possible, or they might have reliability issues. Z-wave/Zigbee protocols rely on the mesh created by multiple wall powered(always on) devices, for optimal reliability via redundant communication paths. If the hub & lock are close you might not have any issues, but it varies by environment.