12v switches?

Anyone know of 12v switches? Want to use them for a solar power system. Cant seem to find them anywhere.

I would have used the cheap Sonoff switches but they are 230v and want to use the original 12v system.

Shelly 1
WiFi, no cloud, native Hubitat support

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Well I never even considered Shelly! Going to by one now thank you very much!

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Edit: Just noticed OP is in UK, not sure if Zooz has EU frequency or is sold there.

Zooz Zen16 and Zen17 (Z-Wave) both can be powered by 5V USB (if your solar charging controller has a 5V USB output) or 12-24V power.
I use a Mean Well 12V with UPS power supply to power them and other 12V motion sensors retrofitted from old security system.
I use solar to power their 12/24V RGBW dimmer for my landscape lights.

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