1 Lutron Switch stopped working with Hubitat - HELP

I have about 12 Lutron switches. Recently one of the switches that has been working for about 2 years has stopped working. It's a dimmer switch. It works when the switch is pressed manually and it works via the Lutron app.

Somehow, it does not work via my hubitat dashboard, or from under the device list. It also doesn't work via my Alexa's (which makes sense because I linked all my Lutron devices to Alexa via Hubitat).

As far as I can tell, all of my other switches are working without any issue.

Some electrical work was done near that switch, but if it had affected the switch wouldn't the switch not work at all? Of note I recently added a Lutron switch. But I went to the integrator app and everything about "switch 14" seems to be correct.

Please help, its an integral switch...

I considered deleting it and re-installing that one switch, but it's a part of about 6-7 different rules that I'd rather not re-do.


The most likely way to get this fixed is to delete the switch device, then hit Done in the Lutron Integration app. Doing that will recreate the switch, and it should work once you do that. But, before you do that, read on...

You can't do a Device Swap with the Lutron switch in your apps because it's a child device, and those won't work in Device Swap. But, create a virtual switch, and using the In Use By section on the device page of the Lutron switch, go through each app and replace it by hand with the virtual switch. Then, after you do the above delete Lutron Switch and hitting Done in the Lutron Integration, first verify that the recreated Lutron switch now works from its device page. If it does, then do the same replacement process using the links in the virtual switch In Use By section to put the Lutron switch back in the rules.

If after doing the steps above, you find that the Lutron switch still doesn't work after hitting Done, post back here, as we'll have to find some other way.

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Thanks for the reply. Will consider this if there are no "easier" options that someone presents.

There is another possible approach:

  1. Download a backup of your database (in case this doesn't work).
  2. Export each of the rules that use the Lutron switch. This could be done in a single export.
  3. Remove the switch, and hit Done in Lutron Integration. Check if the recreated switch works.
  4. Import the rules previously exported.

That might work. You could tell if it does or not after importing the first rule. If it doesn't work, restore the database you downloaded, and you'd be back to current state,.

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Even though it hasn't been mentioned, for giggles have you checked the actual integration? Run the integration report on your phone, check the id of the switch and compare it to HE's lutron integration table. The reason I mentioned that is I had changed something in mine and didn't notice I touched a switch that wasn't normally in use and it was only weeks later I realized my mistake. Just a thought while you're diagnosing things. @bravenel is obviously the Lutron master