1 Dashboard tile for multiple devices

Can I summarize the status of multiple devices into 1 dashboard tile?

Example: I have 6 First Alert Z-Combo Smoke/CO detectors. I can add a status tile for either smoke or CO for every detector which equates to 12 tiles. I would like to add 1 virtual tile that represents all 6 devices. At a glance I can summarize 12 tiles into 2.

More examples: Summarize all door sensors. Summarize all window sensors. Summarize all temp sensors. etc.

My motivation is to design a main Dashboard that s representative of all my devices in the fewest tiles possible and supplement this main dashboard with more detailed versions.

So far I've tried creating several virtual devices and attribute tiles to no avail. Perhaps this is already possible regardless thanks in advance for the community's help.

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Super Tile will do that for you.



This looks awesome. Is this a community app? Is it supported by Hubitat?

I wrote it.

It is supported by me :slight_smile:



@Cobra Thank you for your work! @CAG exactly what I was looking for.

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