[] RM 5.1.1 Cannot Stop an RM rule

I've just finishing an RM rule "L05 Accent Lights" and I wish to stop the previous rule "L04 Accent Lights" but not delete it until I know L05 is working.

Issue is I cannot Stop RM Rule L04. I press stop and the rule page shows (Stopped) but as soon as I press "up date rule" it changes to pause. If I don't press "update rule" the "Done" is not shown

But as soon as I press update rule:

And the Apps page does not show the running status (i.e. no paused or stopped)

Hitting "Update Rule" will, among other things, un-pause the rule. To pause, you need only click that button then exit the page by any means other than "Done," which aside from taking you back to the "Apps" list is otherwise the same as "Update Rule."

Does that explain what you're seeing?


Yes that's it! Thanks.

But still it violates the never use "backpage" rule. (besides being non-intuitive).


Also note that if you want to quickly disable an App (or device), you can click on the gray “X” on the top right of the App or device screen. It will then turn red and this will show the “deactivate” checkbox next to the rule. When these are checked, the app (or rule or device) will no longer run.

That's not what the rule is: "Do not use back button in browser while creating or editing a rule."

On its main page you are neither creating or editing the rule. The back button is only problematic on the sub-pages that you open to create or edit things.



I kinda of deduced that. However the difference was apparently too subtle for me.

This post I have read at least 10 times. I have the highest regard for Robert and he is one of our biggest helpers on this forum.

"Hitting "Update Rule" will, among other things, un-pause the rule" I find this confusing. If I create a new 5.1 rule on my C7 with platform, install it, but stay in the rule and hit pause while not in the editing mode, but in the view rule mode (see image)

Notice the rule is paused at this point. Now I hit Update and the rule is still paused.

And it is reflected as paused on the rules listing


Now if I hit DONE it will take me back to the apps list and the rule is NOT shown as paused, per Robert's post. So DONE nor UPDATE un-pauses the rule - you can prove this by opening the rule for editing and it is still paused, but not reflected as such in the rules list.

Lastly, I had promised Bruce that I wouldn't post anymore "paused" comments in 2021 - sorry Bruce I couldn't help myself.

And the last comment - while the rule is not listed as paused on the apps list, it will change to paused overnight....LOL This is all very confusing to me.

As I see it right now when I finish editing a rule and am at the "Define a Rule" screen - the changes I've made are already saved and hitting DONE is detrimental as it will cause the paused condition to not be reflected on the apps screen. Do I FINALLY have this right in my head?

I apologize if this is terribly confusing and my documentation is very poor.

OK, so I think you might be right, and my comment above may have been inaccurate, even if I thought that is what was happening. :smiley: In my testing with a new Rule 5.1 rule, neither "Update Rule" nor "Done" un-paused a rule as far as I can tell, but whether or not this was reflected in the app name/list was not always consistent. (And yes, I did reload the page, as I know this may not happen dynamically--or really doesn't, aside from the fact that "Update Rule" does indeed seem to reload the page on its own). "Update Rule" doesn't seem to have any effect, whereas "Done" removes the "(paused)" text but doesn't actually seem to un-pause the rule, though it's not apparent from the apps list or upon next opening the rule.

What I looked at to see was the value of the paused state variable, which I assume is the authoritative source. I was only looking at the text (and apparently had only tried "Done") before. There may be more nuances to this behavior, but that's what it looks like to me so far.

Bruce would have to comment on what actually should be happening here, but that's what it looks like to me so far!

Fear not, your reply got me going in the right direction. Thanks for your help.


In my test, only if I did NOT press DONE did the rule show as paused in the rules list. If I simply opened the rule list in a separate window it would show as paused. Then if I just close the window that shows the rule then everything is fine. So for me, DONE is a no-no from now on.

This may have been a misunderstanding by me from the beginning. If that's the case I apologize to the group for bringing up a false complaint.

Thanks for your time and patience Robert.

Done and Update Rule do the same thing: initialize the rule as if it were new. The only difference between the two is that Done exits the rule page and Update Rule does not.


My comment was more about the fact that the paused state variable--which I assume is the authoritative source--remains true (for a paused rule) after hitting "Done" or "Update Rule" (though the former also removes the "(paused)" text from the end of the app name), whereas I previously assumed it would re-initialize it to false. This is what I see by looking at the App Status page for the rule in a Rule 5.1 child app before and after pressing the button, irrespective of what the app name or app page says.


I will look into this discrepancy. It should be consistent as between the state of being paused, and what is displayed in the rule name.