Just updated to Release notes say driver for First Alert Smoke/CO Detector has been added, but I don't see it.

Is that a Z-Wave device? Maybe it was rolled into the generic z-wave smoke/co detector driver that was just added?

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Yes, it is Z-wave. But the release notes imply that it is a separate driver.

It is indeed the generic driver which supports the device in question, sorry for the confusion.


I looked for it as well. Generic worked though.

It reports "test" when tested, while ST reported "tested" so ported apps may not respond properly unless modified (WebCoRE looks for "tested") . ST doc also says it reports "detected", not sure what Hubitat's driver reports, I'm not burning my house to find out :wink:. Both report "clear". I moved back to a ported driver for now since the only thing I have subscribed for events is WebCoRE.